Delivering Cost-Efficient Volvo Repair and Maintenance

Hundreds Less Than The Dealership

Here lately we have had several customers at Master Techs ask us “how can you repair and service my Volvo for hundreds less than the dealership? Are you using cheap parts? Are you cutting corners?” Well here is your answer. First of all we don’t use cheap parts, we only use the best (Genuine Volvo, OEM and OEQ) and we don’t cut corners when we repair your Volvo, we follow the Volvo service guide to the letter. Now getting back to how we save you money.

When you go to a dealership, here is what you’re paying for:

  • A Service Writer
  • A Porter aka car jockey
  • Supervisory personnel
  • Cashiers
  • Clerks
  • Lawyers
  • Finance managers
  • Dealer principal

When you visit us at Master Techs, here is what you’re paying for:


Robert Gallazzi

30+ years of Volvo experience

Perry Kephart

30+ years of Volvo experience

Wes Benson

25+ years of Volvo experience

The bottom line

We know good service doesn’t just happen but with over 30 years in the Volvo business we know it doesn’t take 5 people to change your oil either.

That's How We Do It

At Master Techs you get to talk to the person that is going to repair your Volvo before and after it’s done, he is your Service Writer, Technician and Cashier so nothing is lost in translation start to finish. Keeping our business small keeps our costs down giving you more value for your dollar. That’s how we do it!